Things to do in Paros Island

Summer Holidays in Paros Island

Panagia Ekatontapyliani (Our Lady of a Hundred Doors):

The Byzantine Church is dated back from the 4th Century A.D located in Parikia and considered one of the most important sacred sights as it is regarded as the oldest remaining Byzantine church in Greece.

Archeological Museum of Paros:

Located behind the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani which hosts a collection of artefacts dated from the Neolithic period to Early Christianity including the marble statue of Gorgon, the worship statue of Artemis and many more.

Venetian Castle of Naoussa:

Located in the old port and was built in the Medieval Era. During the 15th century it was enlarged to protect the island from the pirates. Today the seawalls of the castle are under the water and only parts of the fort are accessible.

Butterfly Valley:

Located 20 km/12 miles from Naousa, the Butterfly Valley is a wonderful biotope covered by dense trees and vegetation. In June the butterflies gather until August when they fly away. Wonderful location for those who seek pure nature during their vacation.

Hotel Paros Island Greece
Hotel Paros Island Greece
Hotel Paros Island Greece
Hotel Paros Island Greece